City Bikes

In 1987 City Bikes opened its first location in an old gas station in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.
It was a different place in time.
Washington DC was a different place… the world was a different place. Dramatically different… not as different as 2011 to 1897… but quite different just the same.

Also in 1987…
A magazine called REGARDIE’S called on photographer Kent Barker to document the DC Bicycle Messenger Culture with a portrait photo shoot. Recently this April 1987 issue of Regardie’s surfaced in front of me. Too lazy to put the magazine on the flatbed scanner I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots. The results convey the basic message.

Yes… the world was a very different place.

This photo shoot is just one example of how the world has changed… the rest of this magazine with its advertisements and columns acts as a time capsule of a very different moment in time.

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